Why Global Procurement

If Global Procurement is done in a right way, multi-national companies can achieve :

  • Unified global brand image

  • Quality management matching with corporate image

  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) compliance

  • Enhancement of competitiveness in marketing with better creativity

  • Support to small business units both in creativity and in purchasing

  • Best practice / knowledge management globally

  • Cost saving through consolidating orders

  • Improved efficiency in purchasing procedure



  • 统一品牌形象

  • 确保质量管理配合企业形象

  • 确保供货商履行企业社会责任

  • 确保就算比较小的市也得到有效的支持

  • 得到最佳的国际管理知识及经验

  • 通过整合订单以节约成本

  • 提高采购流程的效率