Global coverage - 54 IGC members covering 47 countries in 5 continents

Offering service to customers on global scope as well as local scope

  • Global brand coordination whilst enjoying local service from local representatives in local languages, reflecting cultural preferences.

Merchandising Power

  • IGC members represent a combined turnover of close to USD600 million, a huge purchasing / bargaining power.

  • The IGC countries pool its resources to identify best-in-class manufacturing opportunities throughout the world.

  • Established preferred supplier base.

Hiromori Group is one of the oldest members of IGC

IGC is your best partner for Global Procurement

IGC是个国际性礼品组织, 基本上每个国家只有一个会员,会员覆盖五大洲,遍及47个国家的54个会员。


  • 在为品牌作国际化协调的同时,IGC通过在当地代表,提供适合当地民俗文化的客户服务。


  • IGC会员的合并营业额接近6亿美元,拥有巨大的采购及议价能力。

  • IGC拥有的国际网络资源,可以选取在世界各地中最佳的生产商机。