HIROMORI Group is a World-Class Agency, a team of Professional, creating Passion and Excitement through Promotional Marketing and Merchandising.

We are an Integrated Promotional Marketing Agency

Understanding, Touching, Using, Feeling, Loving, Sharing, a Product or a Brand.....
This is where Hiromori Group comes in.

Wherever, whenever, consumers meet the Product or the Brand, our mission is to create excitements, passion, and happiness at such contact points.

“Creation for Excitement”

Hiromori Group is a leading Integrated Promotional Marketing Agency in Asian Pacific Region.
Hiromori Group is providing all rounded services on advertising specialties and premiums for brand promotion, in-store marketing, interactive marketing, CRM, and other specialty-communications services in Asian Pacific region as well as globally.

We Value Creativity

We believe excitement and passion created by our creativity is the driving forces to motivate consumers. Therefore, we value “Creativity” as our core-competency. Our definition of “Creativity” includes, understanding the customers, understanding the marketing issues, making promotional planning, developing solutions, implementing promotional activities.

Our professionals are dedicated to achieve results for our customers.

World-Class Agency

We aspire to be a World-Class Agency. Hiromori group has extended the global reach to Hong Kong, Shanghai (China), Guangzhou (China), Taiwan, and Malaysia. Our overseas corporations with their marketing & planning team, creative & design team and production & quality management team, are providing promotional marketing services & promotional products to the local customers.

The economic growth of China is offering huge potential for Hiromori group, and we have since 2001 heavily invested in developing customers in China. Most of the multinational corporations position Chinese market as a next market, and we are providing promotional marketing solutions to our customers in China.
We are also working with various multinational customers on Global Procurement Projects, providing the solution to consolidate their worldwide purchasing of promotional products.

广森集团是一家世界级的机构,拥有专业的团队,通过精细的广告礼品及赠品的设计与策划,带出惊喜与激情 !



“Creation for Excitement”

在亚洲太平洋地区, 广森集团是行业中的领导者。


我们相信,我们充满激情的创意与创造力,是可以激发消费者的驱动力。 因此,我们重视“创意”作为我们的核心竞争力。我们对“创意”定义,包括了解客户的需要,研究市场营销的问题,计划宣传策划,制定解决方案,开展宣传活动。




中国持续的经济增长,提供了巨大的潜力给予广森集团,自2001年起,我们已投资大量资源于发展中国市场。 大多数的跨国企业公司已把中国作为下一个目标市场,而我们正正能提供市场营销推广服务及解决方案给我们在内地的客户。我们同时为不同跨国企业进行全球或地区性广告赠品及礼品的采购及策划。